If you find that moving large files is half the work, then upgrading your computer network wiring can drastically improve productivity. Clearwater properties using older cables like Cat 2 with low bandwidth limits must wait minutes for updates on critical projects or corrupted files. Older cables are more susceptible to interference and can cut off during critical times. Networks may also host services that require them to be continually running like security camera systems. If you are thinking of just installing dummy cameras, then you should be aware that you can be legally liable. A victim of a crime on your property can argue they were only there because you gave the illusion of safety. Rather than risking legal ramifications, you can ensure all your video-feeds are up and running 24/7 with high-quality connections. Upgrading your computer network wiring allows you to:

  • Handle multiple computer systems
  • Invest in VoIP services
  • Avoid limitations due to hardware and cabling

Handle Multiple Systems with Cloud Computing

A significant advantage over lower quality cabling is going to be the ability to interconnect different computers. Large computer networks, like those covering college and businesses buildings, require consistent high-speeds to ensure the dozens or hundreds of individuals have access.  Many systems allow access from anywhere in the building or area where you can connect. This will enable businesses owners to take advantage of new technologies like cloud computing or running programs through their connections. Now, a set of productivity programs like Office and Adobe can run on any computer on that network. Clearwater businesses can also take advantage of on-site cloud storage to manage sensitive information and avoid losing files.

VoIP Services

At High Definition Audio Video, Inc., clients can rely on us as their one-stop shop for networking improvements. With better network infrastructure, clients can avoid troublesome issues with standard phone lines with voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Small businesses in Clearwater can take advantage of the higher-quality calls and flexibility to improve productivity. Your infrastructure must be fast and consistent to make full use of VoIP services.

Avoid Hard Limitations

Sometimes, the plan you have with your internet provider has more than enough speed. However, cheaper computer network wiring will bottleneck your system. We also offer fiber optic cabling installation which has the highest max speeds out of current network cabling.

Improve your Wiring and More

Rather than dealing with a constant dropping of connection or slow-downs during peak hours, Clearwater homes can upgrade their cabling. Switching to different internet providers will provide the same experience without improvements in computer network wiring. You can go online or call us at (727) 736-4328 to learn more and begin the first steps to overcoming cable limitations.