Flat Screen TV Installations | Clearwater

Getting that perfect home theater viewing experience in Clearwater requires more than a great looking panel. Flat-screen TV installations afford homeowners easy set-up without the downtime and complications that can plague amateur designers. You have to be able to envision the placement of your expensive equipment, the best locations, and precise placement to avoid interference, and ensure there is enough airflow to prevent any overheating. Expensive HD receivers can quickly pass their optimal operating temperature when in direct sunlight.

Rather than risking your costly items only for them to fail within months, you can instead rely on professional flat screen TV installations from High-Definition Audio Video Inc. Whether you need help moving large TVs or managing wall mounts, we have your back. The process can also be time-consuming for a single person, so it will always be less troublesome to rely on professionals in the Clearwater area.

Top 3 Problems with Flat screen TV Installations

Unless you are knowledgeable on which equipment is compatible with what, you may end up with a host of setbacks. Accidental purchases are often some of the most common issues. Wires and equipment are sometimes specific for certain brands and set-ups. Buying generic cables or older version from different makers can lead to incompatibility issues. Imagine purchasing a 20 ft display port cord only to realize you require HDMI. Now imagine you buy an adapter only to realize that adapters are incompatible with specific flat screen TV installations. You can also end up purchasing wires and equipment that is known for particular issues or high rates of failure. High-Definition Audio Video (HDAV) provides the best support for Clearwater residents looking to take their entertainment system to the next level. Besides incompatible equipment, amateur installation work can lead to:

  • Broken equipment
  • Screen damage
  • Low-fidelity / quality due to interference or improper wiring

Broken Equipment

One of the most common pieces that break during set-up is wall mounts. Putting too much pressure on certain parts can lead to plastics and thin metals bending or breaking altogether. Falling TVs can look perfectly functional but fail to show an image due to internal damages. Now imagine if your 7.1 surround sound set-up were to fall to the group. The damage and repair costs can be in the hundreds of dollars. Clearwater homeowners want to avoid bad mounting techniques and ensure everything is appropriately placed should rely only on experienced installers. At HDAV, flat screen tv installations are quick and rely on the best screens and equipment around. Do not risk damage to your brand-new mounting brackets or receivers with installation services for Clearwater residents and businesses.

Screen Damage

While you may think your thousand-dollar panel should be durable, the higher-quality and thin screens with tiny bezels are typically much more sensitive. Lots of small and easily disturbed parts are within thin screens to get the brightest and highest resolution panel possible. However, Clearwater homeowners should watch out for simple issues. If you were to place your panel facing a window where light comes through, then you risk sunlight burn. LED and OLED flat screens are both particularly sensitive to sunlight damage. Part of proper flat screen TV installations is suitable room design to ensure common issues like light damage are easily avoidable.

Low-fidelity / Quality

Clearwater homeowners wondering why they cannot get the most of their high-quality videos and files may have purchased the wrong type of panel or are using inadequate cords/ports. If you like to connect your computer to a TV for high-resolution gaming or viewing, then you may need newer ports. If you only have HDMI 1.4 ports, then you can put out 4k, but you cannot go beyond about 30 frames. HD TV broadcasts also go beyond 30 frames so outputting in 4k means you will not get as smooth of an image. You will typically need to HDMI 2.0 or newer Display Ports to achieve the highest resolutions with higher refresh rates like 60hz and 144hz. Flat screen TV installations from HDAV afford buyers the best in support, quality, and set-up design.

If you are looking to incorporate your computer into your flat screen TV installations, then you can also rely on HDAV for network cabling services. You can go online or call (727) 736-4328 today to learn more about our services, pricing, and more.