network cabling jobs in south tampa fl A network infrastructure installation is a complex and sizeable project.  Among the many specifics that need to be addressed when talking with installation contractors during the pre-bidding process is the expected longevity of the system.

Determining network cable life expectancy

This isn’t a simple task, even for those industry veterans who’ve been working on these kinds of projects for decades.  For one thing, every installation is different and can involve a very large number of components, each of which has its own lifespan as estimated by the manufacturer.  It’s not uncommon to replace over the years certain components, making it difficult to predict the longevity of the overall network of cabling and components.

Another element that can affect a network’s lifespan (and often will increase the lifespan of parts of it) is the constant influx of new technology, much of which requires that new wiring be installed in order for it to function correctly.

Then one has to consider the quality of the cabling used – and be aware if varying qualities are used in different sections of the installation.  And don’t forget to factor in the quality of workmanship in the installation process and the environment in which the cabling and components exist.  The latter may introduce heat or cold levels or dust and other contaminants that can affect how long a system performs according to standard.

Network cabling lifespan estimates

An experienced network installer will know the ideal cable configuration needed based on the technologies you’re running.  Assuming you opt for high-quality wiring that meets the electrical requirements of all system components, 10 years is a safe estimate on the cabling’s lifespan.

It’s important to remember, however, that alterations within the system down the line could affect overall longevity.  The effect probably won’t be huge, but it is something to keep in mind when trying to determine a reasonably precise lifespan estimate.  For this reason, a critical element in planning an installation is determining as accurately as possible what changes will be desired or necessary throughout the system in the coming years.  With this knowledge, an installer can build with expected alterations in mind and possibly extend the system’s lifespan while reducing future costs.

Get the most out of your installation

tampa bay network cabling prosRegardless the size and scope of your network cabling installation, you’ll get the best and longest use from it by investing in the highest quality cables and components and selecting a skilled installer with proven, documentable experience in installations like or similar to yours.  In addition, the right installation team for your project can advise you on many elements within the project with an eye toward saving you money in the short- and long-term.

If you’re planning a move to a new facility or a re-wiring project at your current site, High Definition Audio Video, Inc can provide the expertise, workmanship and guidance to meet your company’s network infrastructure needs now and into the future.  Speak with a professional installer at (813) 321-3110.