While many people think wires are all the same, inexpensive, and easy to manage, professional audio wiring is not. Setting up something like a home entertainment system requires the engineering know-how and experience to create perfect fidelity. Without an understanding of equipment and acoustics, Clearwater homeowners will find themselves running into common avoidable issues. Forgoing quality wires for cheap online alternatives will often result in rapid deterioration or weak performance. Video and sound may also frequently cut right in the middle of movies or playing music. Clients can ensure they are receiving the best in quality and cable management with the help of High Definition Audi Video, Inc. We work with you to develop the best way to incorporate your system while also staying aesthetically pleasing. Professional audio wiring affords home and business owners:

  • Better sound quality
  • Set-up for various systems like conference rooms
  • Designs that avoid interference or distortion

Professional Audio Wiring for Better Sound Quality

The most important aspect of any sound system is going to be the clarity or quality. There can be dozens of reasons as to why the sound is deteriorating, but heat can play a significant role. Cheap amplifiers can overheat and begin to cause issues with overall quality. What was once crisp and clear can become fuzzy over a matter of months. Place equipment like receivers in direct sunlight can also damage them and disrupt outgoing signals. With our services, Clearwater clients can rest easy knowing they will get a clean sound and more options to customize their experience with choices from the best brands.

Set-up for various systems

If you are looking to convert an area into a home theater, then professional audio wiring is vital. Merely buying some large speakers and a T.V. does not account for the time and other furniture you will need. Planning, passing through wires, and correctly angling speakers for optimum acoustics requires experience and the proper tools.

Better Design

A common problem with amateur audio wiring is interference and distortion. Using cheaper cables or having wires too close to each other can result in minor interference. While the sound may be unnoticeable at times, turning on lights and T.Vs can increase interference. Improperly speaker set-ups can also distort because of excessive vibration. Clearwater homeowners are much better off allowing us to handle the design and implementation.

Let us Install and Improve your Equipment Today

Besides professional audio wiring, we at HDAV, Inc. can help you with the entirety of your home theater set-up and more. You can avoid damaging items like T.Vs and other expensive equipment by relying on our audio/video installation services. Clearwater residents can go online or call (727) 736-4328 today to begin the first steps to improve their sound system.