No matter where you live, it is important to maintain certain safety measures like outdoor lights, intruder alarms, or door locks and bolts. Even in Clearwater, there is some crime, but security camera installation can ward off potential thieves or catch any wrong-doers on a video recording. There are many benefits of installing CCTV or recording devices on the premises of your home.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Many people in the Clearwater area choose security camera installation because they offer many advantages. Not only will you have peace of mind and reassurance whether you’re at home or away, but they also:

  • Deter intruders or other criminals that may target your home
  • Lower insurance costs in many cases for homeowners
  • Offer a sense of wellbeing and safety when you’re home or away
  • Protect you, legally, in case of any accidents or incidents
  • Allow you to keep tabs on your family, such as if the kids made it home from school safely

Certain systems allow you to check in on your home or see who’s at the door without ever getting up from where you are. With professional surveillance systems, you will have the power of video evidence should anything happen on your property, and it gives you the safety your family needs.

Where to Install Security Cameras for Maximum Safety

The most important locations around the home for security camera installation are points of interest and high activity. We recommend clients in Clearwater place surveillance systems at the front door, the back door, and the main walkway or entryway on all floors. Some people also place cameras in bedrooms, especially if you have young children or infants to keep an eye on.

You may want to install the cameras monitoring the front door and back door outside. If this is the case, check that they offer night vision options in case anything of interest happens in the dark.

Choose HDAV for Security Camera Installation in Clearwater

For professional security camera installation in the Clearwater area, trust HDAV. We can help you set up your house to be extra safe with flexible, customizable options. We’ve been helping clients for over 20 years with their wiring for computers, security systems, entertainment systems, and more. Call us today at (727) 736-4328 or contact us online.