Network Cabling | Tampa Bay

Having the right network cabling and infrastructure can be highly beneficial to any residential or commercial property. Tampa Bay residents do not have to deal with low-bandwidth limits and continuously dropping connections. Getting the right equipment and assistance does not have to be an expensive learning project with High-Definition Audio Video, Inc.

Older wiring can limit your ability to use technologies like media servers. By having the right Tampa Bay professionals handle your installation, you can avoid connectivity issues due to physical and technological limitations. While many people are quick to assume problems are coming from software or uncontrollable factor like ISP problems, it is often not the case. For building and homes dealing with large amounts of data or offsite servers, newer network cabling options can increase productivity and allow individuals to access information anywhere with an internet connection.

Advantages of Updated Network Cabling

Working with HDAV affords clients many advantages over the competition and other network services. A significant benefit is that you avoid any minor network cabling construction work. Correctly linking wires seamlessly to wireless systems and other technology like TVs can become a trial and error project for amateurs. Meanwhile, you will have to deal with troubleshooting any future issues by yourself. Self-installation of cables can also result in low-functioning connections. If you decide to work with experienced contractors after, then they may have more difficulties rearranging and changing your setup. The best option is to work with professionals like HDAV to avoid common issues with self-installation like using incorrect wiring. Tampa Bay clients can also take advantage of:

  • Various cable choices
  • Services for other systems
  • Better support and equipment

Cable Choices

A promising benefit for property owners in the modern age updating their network cabling is that they get to choose from newer and better cable choices. Older, strictly copper-based cables are known to suffer from issues like electromagnetic interference. Even radio signals can cause disruptions to sensitive equipment. Newer cables, like Cat 5e and Cat 6, provide much higher speeds and stronger signal quality compared to older options like Cat 5. Buildings in Tampa Bay with wires like Cat 5e can also reduce interference. Cat 5e provides a speed limit of nearly 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps for homes and personal servers. With how large things like video and audio files can be, it is more useful than ever to have fast and reliable connections. Cat 6 provides much higher speeds and is particularly useful for businesses that deal with multiple connections throughout a building.

Services for Various Systems

Other services like VoIP wiring are only possible with consistent high-speed connections. Correcting network cabling issues can allow business owners throughout Tampa Bay to update their phone and voice equipment. VoIP enables employees and customers to communicate over your internet connection instead of your phone lines. VoIP services come with numerous benefits such as portability and flexibility. Standard phone wiring connections mean you will need to be on-site and using a phone. With VoIP, you can access your lines anywhere with an internet connection. VoIP connectors and equipment are also relatively inexpensive. They also allow for easy setup of things like video conferences and call redirection. Tampa Bay clients can also benefit from higher-quality network cabling option such as fiber optic cable installation with HDAV.

Better Support and Equipment at HDAV

Rather than just offering setup assistance, HDAV provides clients with comprehensive services. Starting with the design of their entire system, the right equipment and cable management are chosen before implementation. For other services like HDTV and home theater systems, Tampa Bay clients also benefit from installation and mounting. You can go online or call (727) 736-4328 today to start improving your network cabling, wiring, and equipment.