Surround sound audio wiring can be a complicated process for residents of Tarpon Springs. Having a professional install your speaker system is the best way to ensure you have the ultimate experience in your home theater.

1. Breaking Electrical Codes

Running extension cords or plug-in power behind walls is against the National Electric Code. In addition, it can be dangerous. Installing these sources of power behind a wall during surround sound audio wiring creates a fire hazard. If an incident happens, you could lose your entertainment system as well as your entire Tarpon Springs home. Extension cords are made for temporary use. Your best option to stay within electrical codes and have the job done right is to call an A/V installation specialist.

2. Buying the Wrong Equipment for Surround Sound Audio Wiring

An essential part of surround sound audio wiring is the wire itself. Purchasing the wrong material can mean replacing parts sooner or not getting a quality experience from your system. 16g and 18g wires perform better than smaller sizes in speaker setup. The HDMI cables you purchase do not have to be the most expensive but must meet the current speed standard, which is 18Gbs.

In addition, not every type of speaker works with the design of your home theater in Tarpon Springs.  This equipment comes in different power levels. Some could be too powerful depending on how small of a room you are working in. In contrast, low volume devices provide an underwhelming experience if you put them in too large of a room.

3. Putting Speakers in the Wrong Place

Proper placement is vital for the ultimate home theater in Tarpon Springs. If you are looking to achieve the effect of a movie theater, plan the placement of your speakers carefully before surround sound audio wiring.

Common installation styles are architectural and cabinet. Architectural style puts devices in walls and on the ceiling. People who do not wish to see their devices enjoy this setup, but it does not always offer the same experience as cabinet style. Cabinet style uses tower and bookshelf systems. Towers are placed on the floor around the room, while bookshelves go on entertainment units or shelves. Both options provide excellent noise quality that provides an enjoyable time for those in your home theater.

4. Not Calling High Definition Audio Video, Inc. in Tarpon Springs

A common mistake that many people make is not hiring a knowledgeable professional to handle their surround sound audio wiring. At HDAV, our team is trained to handle installation with speaker placement, correct cable use, and electrical codes in mind. We have over 20 years of experience in A/V, providing home theaters, surveillance camera systems, TV installation, and more to residents of Tarpon Springs. To find out how we can give you the best media experience, contact us online or call us at (727) 736-4328.