To connect multiple computers, routers, data storage systems, and other devices as well as transfer data between the devices, you need an organized network cabling setup. The cables used in the system transfer the data from one device to another, and the quality of the cable as well as the infrastructure can affect the transfer speed, quality of communication, and longevity of the setup. A professional audio/video and technology service can set up your infrastructure in Tampa Bay for computing success.

Network Cabling Options

Different cables are better for different locations and uses. Most cables used for communications systems are twisted pairs, and LANs (Local Area Networks) often use twisted pair copper cables. Ethernet networks also typically rely on twisted pairs that consist of four pairs of wires inside an insulated covering. Each of the four pairs of wires is twisted together to deter interference from other cables and devices.

Fiber Optic Cables

Another type of cable that is becoming more common in Tampa Bay is fiber optic network cabling. Fiber optics are excellent for setups that require high bandwidth speeds, such as data centers, airports, or hospitals. Instead of copper wires, fiber optics use optical fibers to carry light while copper uses electricity to transmit data. Light photons move faster than electrons, so fiber optic cables are faster. Also, because fiber optics use light instead of electricity, there is no risk of an electrical fire or electrical interference.

Other options for cables include coaxial cables, multipair cables, or wireless options like Wi-Fi.

Why Structured Cabling Networks Matter

Structured cabling systems are important because they organize and stratify your entire network. Otherwise, you may have data transfer problems, complications with upload and download speeds, interference, and troubleshooting issues. You’ll be able to connect your computers, printers, video technology, Ethernet devices, VoIP, and more on the same system for interconnectivity. The right network cabling setup is a long-term investment that will make life easier for you in Tampa Bay.

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