With the sleek style of TVs nowadays, it is more common for people to mount TVs on their walls. Not only does this help you maximize space, but you also improve your viewing experience. In the old days, you simply moved your large TV set to a spot that suited you. Now there is more skill and strategy involved in how and where you place your TV. Read on to learn how to choose the best mounting option and how a TV setup service can assist you in a successful TV installation.

Wall Materials

Typically, most TV wall mounts come ready to be hung on drywall, complete with drywall anchor kits. However, if you are considering hanging your TV on a wall made of different material (such as masonry or plaster), be sure to get the appropriate additional support and hardware to mount your TV safely and successfully.

Types of TV Mounts

The three most common types of TV mounts are fixed mounts, tilted mounts, and full-motion mounts. Which one makes sense for your room? Here are some criteria to consider.

Fixed TV Mount

Will your TV be at eye level when you are viewing it? In this situation, a fixed TV mount will do the trick as your TV stays in one spot. It helps with the overall aesthetic in your room because the mounting hardware is mostly hidden, blending your TV in with your overall décor.

Tilting TV Mount

If you are mounting your TV over your fireplace or mantle (which is in style right now) think about using a tilting mount. This lets you angle your TV downwards, making it more comfortable for you and increasing the viewing space. When you aren’t using your TV, you can return it to its original position flush against the wall, and it will look similar to a fixed mount.

If the room you are using has a great deal of natural light, you may want to think about a tilt mount so that you can adjust the angle to avoid glare.

Full-Motion TV Mount

If you are mounting your TV in a corner to make the most of your available space, you’ll want to go with the full-motion mount. A full-motion mount lets you move your TV vertically and horizontally as well as pull it further out from the wall. Although your TV is in the corner, you’ll be able to view it from multiple vantage points in the room.

Full-motion mounts are also useful if you tend to move your furniture often. You are free to move your furniture around as you wish without worrying about having to move the TV too.

Not all mounts are created equal, which is why it can be helpful to rely on the advice and training of professionals. For more information from a reliable TV setup service in Tampa, contact us today at (727) 736-4328.