Are you considering residential security cameras for your home in Tampa? Are you wondering if you have to have Wi-Fi to run your wireless security cameras? There may be many reasons you wish to avoid using Wi-Fi. If you live in a more remote area, then you may not be able to receive a signal, or you may just want to avoid using all that bandwidth to operate residential security cameras on your Tampa home. Whatever the reason, the news is good.

Benefits of Using Residential Security Cameras

They provide you with added security by acting as a deterrent to criminals and provide you with evidence should an intruder trespass on your property. If other incidents occur on your property, you have a record of the event for insurance purposes as well. Cameras keep you and your loved ones feeling safe and secure whether you are in your Tampa home or away from it.

You Do Not Need to Have Wi-Fi for Your Residential Security Cameras in Tampa

You have several options when it comes to outfitting your home in the Tampa area with residential security cameras. Wi-Fi is the most common choice but not the only choice by far. You can also choose cameras that don’t use Wi-Fi or the internet at all.

While using an internet or Wi-Fi connection offers advanced features, you can still reap many of the benefits of having residential security cameras for your Tampa home without it.

What Are My Options If I Don’t Want to Use Wi-Fi?

There are two options for you to choose from if you are in Tampa and looking for Wi-Fi-free residential security cameras.

Wireless Security Camera System

A wireless security camera system comes with a Wi-Fi network video recorder (NVR). The NVR and cameras automatically connect to each other on their own proprietary network and communicate immediately without internet access. You can then connect the NVR to an HD TV or monitor to begin monitoring 24/7.

Cellular Security Cameras

As the name implies, this is a residential security system for your Tampa home that enables you to access remote viewing by operating over the 4G or 3G cellular network. This choice allows you to watch your cameras live from your mobile phone or computer without using the internet.

It also has the option to set up and receive alerts and has motion-detection capabilities. It’s important to note that this system runs on a separate mobile plan, and data charges will vary based on your playback history and use of alerts.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional in Tampa to Install Your Residential Security Cameras

Several factors go into having a successful residential security camera system. If you are going to invest the time and effort into updating the security protocols for your home or business, then you want to protect that investment.

Hiring a professional ensures that your residential security cameras will be ready to record without incident as soon as they are set up. For professional installation contact us online or call us at 727-736-4328.