hdtv flatscreen installation Modern flat-screen TVs are the “standard” in many homes today for multiple reasons.  One of the reasons is that they can be mounted on a wall, thus freeing up flat space on shelving, tables and cabinets.  But before you bring home a new flat screen and get ready to install it yourself, here are seven things you should think about.

1. The right tools for the right job

The job of mounting a big TV to a wall is considerably more involved than hanging a picture.  You’ll need a drill, a stud finder, a level and screwdrivers.  It will certainly help if you have a “knack” for this kind of project, because while the whole system looks pretty simple once installed, a lot of tasks requiring specific skills are involved to do it right.

2. Time crunch

Many people simply don’t have the time to undertake a DIY HDTV installation project – and the last thing you want to do is hurry through it.  Rushing a job like this is almost certain to result in faulty work, which can be problematic to remedy and very expensive to fix should the set fall off the wall.  Having a pro install the TV lets you stay on-schedule in your home and business life.

3. Electrical issues

If you have a definite location in mind for the new TV but there are no convenient electrical outlets nearby, are you prepared to install one?  TV installation professionals can do this work quickly and safely.

4. Sound system

Some sound systems are very simple, others very complex.  Multi-speaker units often run their wiring inside walls so that the system looks clean and neat.  If you’re not experienced in running wires, a licensed installer can do the job for you.

5. The weight of flat screen TVs

When you’re talking about HDTVs larger than 25 or 30 inches, you’re talking about heavy, awkward units that are difficult to lift and hold steady.  You should never attempt to install one of these larger sets without help.  Professional installers are no Olympic weightlifters, but they’re strong, and they’re experienced in managing the cumbersome bulk of large TVs, ensuring that the set is installed safely and without damage.

wiring and speaker repair in tampa bay6. Advice you may need

Depending on the size of your installation and other components that will be integrated into the system, it might be best to bring in a skilled installer.  TV placement, speaker wiring, networking with other electronics and more can make these jobs complicated.  An experienced technician has done it all before and can help you quickly make the best decisions for your installation.

7. Workmanship

Finally, as touched on earlier, mounting an HDTV is not a job for unskilled labor.  You want your project to look great, work right and have the mark of expertise throughout the entire installation.  With the right professional, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

High Definition Audio Video, Inc employs professional HDTV installers who know exactly what’s required to do the job correctly and safely.  Call (813) 321-3110, and we’ll tell you how we can help with any size installation.