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tampa fl whole home audio installationFor entertaining or relaxing at home, or creating the right mood and background for your office, our whole home audio and business audio installations will simply amaze you.  Sound is so important in so many settings, and with DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay, you’ll have a wide menu of options to bring the highest quality audio experience into your world.

What is an audio distribution system?

An audio distribution system is the conduit across which music is delivered to rooms in homes and offices/commercial buildings.  A central processer holds the digital audio files, which easily can be controlled and selected.  With our A/V installations, you get the simplicity and functionality you want as you program and run your system with a keypad, handheld remote, touch panel or your iPad or other smart device.  It really is that easy!

From home surround sound installations to sound systems for restaurants and everything in between, our technicians will help you configure a speaker system that is optimal for your needs.  Speakers can be set into wall recesses, built into the ceiling, installed in bookshelves and even placed strategically in showers and pools.  This means your favorite music is always a click away, wherever you are.  And if wiring is difficult or impossible based on your configuration, we have the wireless solutions to solve that problem.

Total integration of your whole home audio system or commercial audio system

You should be able to get the most out of your A/V installation while blending it perfectly with other components on your network.  Examples of systems we can install and/or integrate include:

· Whole home audio

· Whole home video

· Commercial audio such as sound systems for restaurants and professional offices

· Media servers

· Conference room A/V installations

· Video conferencing technology

· Home theater design and build

· Facility-wide surround sound

· Video projection systems

· Security camera systems

· Flat screen TV installations

· Media center PC and game systems

· Pro audio

· Public address systems

Delivering the convenience you want

tampa experts in surround sound installation The days of fiddling with buttons and knobs on stand-alone stereos and struggling to generate just the right level of sound are over.  That was the old way.  The new way is with a “central nervous system” as the foundation for all music and other audio functions within your home or business.  Today’s technology has given us the benefit of ultimate convenience and ease of operation and added to that the kind of sound quality that was virtually non-existent 10 or 15 years ago.

No two A/V installations are the same, and every job is dictated by our clients’ needs.  Our goal is to provide a completely customized user experience that perfectly fits the requirements and lifestyles of our customers. 

Call us today and tell us what you want in a home or business audio system.

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