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tampa fl access control system expertsWhen internal security is a critical element of doing business, DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is ready to help with customized access control solutions.  We understand the ever-changing security needs of large and small businesses and are capable of designing and installing a system to meet your exact requirements.

Who gets in and when

Access control essentially is a set of security protocols that dictates who can enter certain areas within your facility and when this access is allowed.  From state, county and local government operations to data centers, legal offices, medical facilities and so many others, there is a need to control employee and visitor access.

What will an access control system do for you?

·      Give you tight, trackable control of all movement inside your facility

·      Specify on a person-by-person basis which departments, offices or rooms your employees can access

·      Keep visitors in non-secured areas only

·      Provide reports showing which employees entered which areas and when

·      Allow you to instantly block access for employees who have been terminated or are otherwise no longer employed

·      Protect employees from unwanted visitors

·      Let you know every time someone attempts to use a “lock-out” or blocked card

Access control technology

DataTek provides clients with a wide variety of access control systems and all the choices they need for total customization.  Our platforms use proximity cards, codes or fobs – the days of swipe cards that can be lost or corrupted are over.  A small wire coil in the proximity card energizes the card’s small transmitter when it is brought close to the reader.  A code is then automatically transmitted to the controller, which analyzes whether entry should be granted.

Like a person’s fingerprints, no two cards are alike, and each can be programmed to allow access only to specific areas and at specific times. Blocking access is fast and easy with Windows-based software: a click of a mouse will inactivate any card in your system.

All events (movement within your facility) are stored electronically and are available for quick retrieval in the form of reports.  A variety of filters allow you to gather the exact data you need, when you need it.

Access control your way

access control security systems tampa flSome of the devices and technologies that can make up your customized access control system include:

·      Proxy cards and readers

·      Telephone entry systems

·      Electric door locks and exit buttons

·      Access control gates and gate entry systems

·      Door access control systems

DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay is here to help with every aspect of access control.  We’ll show you the options you can choose to create a truly comprehensive and specific system that will safeguard your business and its investments around the clock.  We also can inform you about other commercial security measures such as video surveillance and fire alarm systems, which can be combined in your access control package.

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