If you’ve recently renovated or started up a new business, there are many additions to consider, including upgrading or installing your network. More importantly, your business needs the right network cabling, to avoid unnecessary costs and reduced productivity. If you’re looking at data wiring in Clearwater, here’s what you need to know.

Why Data Wiring is Necessary

Your important business processes and communications are almost always done with the help of a network connection. Businesses that run a slow network will be less productive, causing bottlenecks in key areas of your workflow.

Investing in data wiring in Clearwater means investing in your business. You need a strong connection that is not susceptible to interference or an increase in users. Network cabling, though it may sound complicated to some, can become an easy process with the help of an expert.

Choosing the Right Data Cabling

There are several categories of network cabling. You want the solution that best meets your needs for speedy data transfer, and our team at High-Definition Audio/Video can help you. Since there are multiple options for data wiring, there are some aspects of your business that you need to understand in order to choose the best option. Those features are:


  • How many workstations are currently connected to your network? If you are new or growing, how many do you anticipate needing in the near future?


  • What is the volume of data your network needs to handle, otherwise known as your bandwidth? What kind of work do you conduct on a day-to-day basis?


  • How far does your cable need to travel? Is your workspace widespread or compact?


  • What is your budget for data wiring? (Consider a range and your maximum.)


Data Wiring Differences

Speed matters! We’ve all been in a situation where the internet is not working at a high enough speed to efficiently conduct our digital tasks. In order to maximize your business’s productivity, it is important to choose products that offer greater capacity and flexibility for the bandwidth of your network. Where fiber optic was the fastest choice, copper cabling has now come back with continually improving speeds.


Other considerations include cost and distance. Copper wire cabling and fiber optic used to be vastly different in price but have now become relatively close in cost with increasing industry standards for faster internet at affordable rates. Distance also affects the type of cable that you choose because some cable materials are designed to transmit signals for longer distances, while others prove less effective in larger workspaces.


The security of your business’s crucial information is one of the most critical reasons to carefully consider your data wiring options. While Wi-Fi is acceptable for casual use and less sensitive information, twisted copper cabling has been designed to reduce interference and to increase security.


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