Computer Network Wiring | St. Petersburg

Computer Network Wiring | St. Petersburg

Whether you work from home or need to establish a network for a large office complex, having proper computer network wiring has become a necessity in today’s world. You may be wondering what the associated costs are for setting up a network. This number can vary greatly depending on several different factors. Below, we will go over the different things that can influence how much you spend on setting up your home computer infrastructure in St. Petersburg.


Hardware (computers, modems, printers, monitors, etc.) is the single most significant part of setting up your computer network wiring. When it comes to hardware, you can get as elaborate as your budget allows or you can opt to take a more economical route. For example, an excellent way to cut costs is to have all your devices mapped to a single printer. That way, instead of having a printer for each device, you can have one printer for everything. This is the kind of flexibility you have when choosing your hardware to establish your infrastructure in St. Petersburg.

It is a good idea to make a list of the things you want to achieve with your network before purchasing your computers. Do you need uninterrupted and stable internet access twenty-four hours a day because you work from home in St. Petersburg? Or maybe your office or place of work is a little behind the times and could use updated wiring. Perhaps you only want to be able to stream movies from anywhere in your house. All these examples require different needs. Knowing what you are looking for will give the professionals installing your computer network wiring a better idea of how to help you.

Wireless or Wired?

Organizing your computer network wiring can be daunting. If you have the means, it is often less confusing and tidier to go wireless and have your routers, printers, and cable modems connected sans wires. While this is an option, wireless capabilities are typically more expensive than hard-wiring everything. On the other hand, going wireless can save you in convenience in the long run.

Remodel or Redesign Home/Office

Will you need to rebuild or remodel your St. Petersburg home or office to accommodate your new computer network wiring? Chances are you will not need to remodel anything if you already have all your computer equipment and plan to merely connect all the machines together. On the other hand, you may need to consider the added expenses of ergonomic chairs, new desks, built-in shelving, and cabinets to house your new equipment if you are introducing an organization of devices to your home or office that you previously did not have.


You will need to find an appropriate St. Petersburg Internet Service Provider (ISP) to accommodate all the hardware in your home or office. Which internet plan you get largely depends on what you will be using your network for. Fast internet speeds are required for streaming movies, downloading large files, and playing video games, but as you would expect, faster speeds cost more. Additionally, the more people you have on your infrastructure at the same time, the faster the speeds you will need.

High Definition Audio Video, Inc

Installing your own computer network wiring can be an overwhelming task that is best left to the professionals. The experts at HDAV will help you bring your St. Petersburg home or business up to speed with the latest technologies. Call us today at (727) 736-4328 or contact us online to schedule your initial meeting. During this first meeting, we will assess what your current needs are and suggest a plan of action accordingly.