Whether you own residential or commercial property in St. Petersburg, consistent and high-quality connections are more necessary than ever. Computer network wiring is not as simple as plugging in an ethernet cord anymore. With higher bandwidths and new technology, cabling has become more complicated but also more effective. For residential locations, wires may be old or deteriorating. While cable and internet installers may do minor work, they will not replace or check everything. This leads to issues down the line like dropped connections.

Business owners in St. Petersburg should instead rely on HDAV to handle critical cabling work. Having a more consistent connection increases productivity and reduces downtimes. Proper management of wires also makes it easier to troubleshoot issues. Instead of running into a jungle of cord, professionals can quickly locate and correct physical problems with your connection.

Interconnected Systems

Customers can also benefit from the installation of systems like cameras and presentation rooms. With a fast enough network, more things can be connected without losing speed. To be able to host dozens of connections, companies must invest in better computer network wiring. Instead of older CAT 5 cables, you may want to upgrade to CAT 6 for faster connections. If you are dealing with large amounts of data, then CAT 6 offers nearly three times the performance speeds. While CAT 5 and 5e are specified at around 100 MHz, normal CAT 6 is rated at 250 MHz. St. Petersburg businesses with faster computer network wiring can also offer better services like wireless hotspots for customers.

Media Servers

With newer, high-quality wires also comes the opportunity to take advantage of other technology. Media servers have become a secure way for businesses to contain sensitive information. It also allows employees to efficiently access programs, open files, and edit documents on the fly. Hosting a server onsite also requires professional setup to avoid losing your critical data. You can also back up any files to a cloud server or redundant server to roll back anything in case of an issue.

Protect and Improve Your Computer Network Wiring with HDAV

Computer network wiring can make it easier to set up additional services. Surveillance systems can help protect your commercial property or home from criminal activity. Residents and businesses in St. Petersburg can contact HDAV, Inc. today by going online or at (727) 736-4328.