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Flat-screen televisions keep getting better and better. If you’re ready to upgrade to a TV that delivers an incredible audio/visual experience, a 4K TV is the way to go. High-Definition Audio/Video (HDAV) is your Tampa source for 4K TVs and installations.

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years, and our professional experts will set you up with the 4K TV that won’t cost a penny more than you’d pay at a typical TV retailer in Tampa. Transform your space into a haven for modern viewing with a 4K TV. Our experienced installers provide 4K TV installations for any model, in any size.

Forget About the Big Box Stores

The decision to purchase a 4K TV can mean a fairly significant investment. You’ll want to make sure you’re aware of all the options available to you. Avoid the crowds and the impersonal, rushed service—often from inexperienced staff—at the Tampa big box retailers.

Our friendly professionals know our products inside and out, and they will help make sure you get the 4K TV that meets your individual needs. Out Tampa team specializes in 4K TVs and installations and will provide a more personalized experience.

High-Definition Audio/Video (HDAV) is your Tampa authorized dealer for all major brands, and we will match any price.

How Long Do 4K TV Installations Take?

As one of Tampa’s most long-serving audio/video companies, our experienced professionals have completed countless 4K TV installations in the Tampa area.

Our team prides itself on building relationships and earning our customers’ trust and referrals. We’ve perfected a streamlined installation process to ensure our 4K TV installations rarely take longer than two hours (and usually take much less time than that). When you purchase your 4K TV from us, we deliver it for free and have it up and running perfectly in no time.

To help make the process even more efficient, there are a few things our customers often do to prepare for their 4K TV installations before we arrive.

Prepare for 4K TV Installations in Advance

When preparing spaces for 4K TV installations, Tampa residents sometimes aren’t sure which spot would be best for their new TV. If there is more than one spot in your space where you think your new TV might be best, narrow it down to your two preferred spots and tidy those areas so that our specialists in 4K TV installations can take a look when they arrive and offer their opinion if any considerations make one spot more optimal than the other. If you have a stud finder, it can be helpful to determine a good spot that way.

Take a bit of time to move any small furniture or personal items out of the way, and clean the surface of the wall by gently wiping it with a damp cloth, allowing enough time for it to completely dry before the installers get there. (If you’re working with a non-typical surface material—such as special paint or wallpaper—you may need to use a different cleaning method, so please keep this in mind.)

Think about what type of mount bracket you’d like. If you’re not sure, our Tampa professionals can go over the options with you. There are fixed, tilting, and articulating mounts available, and each has its own advantages.

  • If you’re looking for maximum versatility, articulating mounts are like “arms” that you can push, pull, and swivel.
  • Tilting mounts also offer some degree of flexibility, allowing your 4K TV to sit flush against your wall or pivot down, offering a different angle.
  • A fixed mount—the least flexible option—doesn’t allow your 4K TV to move from its permanent position, but this is perfectly fine in many cases, depending on how you intend to use your new 4K TV.
  • Organize Your Other Devices and Cords

There’s another important thing people can do to prepare before their 4K TV installations, and that is to have all of their other devices and cords conveniently organized. Rarely do Tampa residents have only a television with no other components.

If you have a video game console, surround sound system, Blu-Ray or DVD player, Wi-Fi router, cable box, or any number of other components, 4K TV installations are most efficient when these items are made easily accessible ahead of time, with no tangled or missing cords.

Tampa 4K TV Installations
High-Definition Audio/Video (HDAV) is your Tampa source for 4K TV installations. We serve Tampa homeowners, renters, business owners, Tampa custom homebuilders, remodelers, and anyone in the Tampa area considering 4K TV installations. If you’re in the Tampa area, call us today at 813-321-3110 and tell us what kind of 4K TV experience you’re looking for.