network cabling pros near south tampaSome network cabling installations involve little more than replacing some of the current wiring within a company’s facility.  Other installations are highly complex and multi-faceted, such as when a large business moves to a new location.  No matter how extensive a network cabling job is, it should only be handled by a professional company that you can trust to perform the work correctly, safely and within budget.

When you decide your company’s wiring needs are greater than you can accomplish in-house, it’s time to start looking for a cabling installer.  Here is what you need to keep in mind during this process.

Experience and track record

When you start talking to network cabling installers, first and foremost check into their experience in the specific elements of a wiring job of the type you’ll need.  This can’t be over-stressed.  For a company to say it does “network cabling” doesn’t necessarily mean their crews/technicians are well-versed in what you need them to do.

A review of these firms’ websites should give you at least a basic idea of the scope of their services.  But don’t only go by websites – you need to contact someone at the company and let them explain how they would approach your project (in simple terms, at this point.)  In addition, find out how long they’ve been in business.  In addition to that, ask for references, which any reputable company will be happy to provide.

Get a detailed estimate

Cost will be a factor in any network cabling project, so pay close attention to each estimate you obtain.  Study them to learn what individual costs are for and if each proposed activity is actually necessary.  Don’t hesitate to call an installer with questions about parts of the estimate.  And never agree to a “blanket” job when only certain components are required.

Part of the work a candidate firm will do in preparing an estimate is a survey of your building – and if the job is a relocation, both your future and current buildings.  There are many ways to install wiring, and many of them will be dictated by the configuration of the facility’s physical structure.  A good installer will point out wiring options, and you need to understand them in order to give the installer proper direction.  The bottom line is, you want your wiring installed in a way that’s operationally efficient and aesthetically pleasing according to your tastes.

Check for certifications

structured network cabling job in south tampa fl In most cases, in addition to licensed low-voltage electricians, you’ll want the company you hire to provide a registered communications distribution designer (RCDD).  Individuals with this certification have demonstrated experience in the design, integration and application of complex infrastructure components.

Design is a major element in a network wiring project, so make sure the company you hire has a RCDD on board to properly configure all cabling so that your system is fully operational to serve your needs now and in the future.

These are important areas to focus on when hiring a network cabling installer.  An additional consideration is the installer’s location.  You want a firm that’s located reasonably close to you so that should problems arise, you can get someone out quickly to solve them.

When planning a move, the experts at DataTek & A/V of Tampa Bay will exceed your expectations, whether your cabling needs are minimal or wide-sweeping.  Give us a call and tell us about your project, and we’ll provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to make it happen.


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