4K TV is the latest technology emerging to enhance your television viewing experience. Also known as ultra HD or UHD, it has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels; that’s 8 million pixels in total. To put that into perspective, that is four times the number of full HD, which is a mere 1,920 x 1,080 by comparison. If you’re ready to upgrade your flat-screen TV in Clearwater, 4K is the next step.

This is a situation where size matters, but bigger doesn’t always mean better. Read on to find out how to find the best 4K flat-screen TV for installation in your Clearwater home. 

Work Out Your Budget

How much you can spend will be a determining factor in the size of the TV that you purchase. Bigger may not necessarily work for your space. You need to consider all the factors that lead to the best experience. That remains true even if your budget is unlimited.

Determine Your Flat Screen TV Viewing Distance After Installation

If you’ve ever sat in the front row at a movie theater, you know that sitting too close to a large screen can lead images to appear pixelated, and that remains true with a UHD TV. 

So, to determine the best screen size, consider where you will be viewing from. Determine that distance in inches, and divide by three. That number is your ideal screen size. If you have a home theater, where the average viewing distance is fifteen feet away, a 60-inch screen is called for; otherwise, it might just be too large and uncomfortable for extended viewing times. 

Also, if you’re mounting the TV, ensure that there is sufficient space on the wall to display the width and that the wall can support the TV’s weight. 

Consider Your Viewing Angles

Many adults today grew up in homes where people put TVs on whatever table was around and could support the television’s giant back. Technology and design aesthetics have come a long way! Flat-screen TV installations in Clearwater are cleaner and easier than ever. 

We know a lot more about design, comfort, and optics now. Not only is the distance important, but the angle from which you will be viewing your TV will also affect the quality of your picture.

You can check your TV manufacturer’s guidelines for recommendations, but ideally, you want the TV mounted parallel to your eye line. The setup should be a maximum of fifteen degrees up or down and forty degrees to the left or right. That will give you the best balance of details and color. 

Call HDAV for Flat Screen TV Installations in Clearwater

With such a precious piece of equipment that you have so carefully selected and sized to complement the precise measurements of your home, you don’t want to leave your Clearwater flat-screen TV installations to just anybody. 

You want to trust that job to experts who have completed thousands of flat-screen TV installations in Clearwater without damaging the walls, furniture, TVs, or anything else.  

Sit back and relax while your flat-screen TV installation in Clearwater takes place. And in no time at all, you can have your entire home theater setup with your new 4K television